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Makers Of Melbourne has been created to consume and assimilate Melbourne culture. We're male focussed, but not male specific, sorting through the dross to weed out the creative stars, standout events and stylish folk that make this city unique. 

MOM aims to embrace all facets of what makes this city a creative hub. Our aim is to inform without condescending – to keep you abreast of what’s going on without regurgitating Press Releases & to seek out this city’s sub cultures to give our readers the inside scoop on what’s REALLY happening with the people who make Melbourne Melbourne.

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Stewart in Dries Van Noten

Stewart was hard to miss in what has been a very quiet week in Melbourne (where are all you guys hiding?).   In town from Hong Kong on a lightning visit to see friends, Stewart was busy falling in love with our Melbourne way of life.  Just as we were falling for his style and his sensational Dries Van Noten printed canvas derby's.   Stewart's style advice? "Don't think about it, just go with what you love".

Barry Humphries in Grenson

ku130214StreetFashion2011 Sometimes the stars align - Your path crosses with a stylish gentleman, he's wearing a fine pair of Grenson Dylan's in Cobalt Suede, you ask to take his picture, he agrees & he just so happens to be Barry Humphries. One of Melbourne's most iconic (& sylish) figures, the former Dame Edna character actor was an absolute delight to shoot despite suffering from serious jetlag.

RM Allrounder

ku130203StreetFashion1202The The beauty of Melbourne is in the intimacy of the city and the colour and personality we seem to kick out of such a small space.  As much as we have worked hard to capture the style of the city's men and all this fantastic footwear hitting our shores, sometimes it's good to be reminded that a well-cut pair of RM's and decent 'give-a-fuck' attitude has always been a cornerstone of Melbourne's culture.  Magnificantly done.  Still one of the best shoemakers on the block.


Eugene in Carmina

We nabbed Eugene as he was leaving cult cafe Brother Baba Budan in Little Bourke Street. Combining a pair of classic brown Carminas with a beautifully tailored windowpane suit by Melbourne tailor P. Johnson, Eugene's style is Melbourne Businesswear at its finest.

James' Redwing

We are loving this high-end American boot culture that seems to be becoming a staple of our Melbourne men.  Maybe it's a more utalitarian version of the Goodyear-welted British boots we loved so much last winter.  The highest-quality USA hand-made versions from American bootmaking legends Wolverine and Redwing are obvious favourites, and deservedly so.  James pulling it all together very nicely this week.

Bruce Loake Islington

We bumped into Bruce blazing a brand new slate blue suit by Tom Riley at P.Johnson tailors.   He told us after many years kicking around in trainers and denim he was finding himself keen to get back into some style and make a suit a weekday staple again.  He chose beautifully, P.Johnson never get it wrong, and his choice of classic single buckle Monk from Loake Bros puts him right back in the game.

Melbourne Cup

Designer Eduardo Xavier wearing Ciro Lendini

Koray wearing shoes from Jack London

Grant wearing Loake brogues

Thomas wearing vintage Blaq brogues

Joaquim wearing Eduardo Xavier

Kurt in Florsheim

Sid wearing shoes by Hugo Boss

Forget the stylist conceived outfits of Cup going celebrities - we're much more interested in what the real guys of Melbourne are wearing at Flemington. Basic black lace-ups seemed to be replaced this year by Brogues in Brown & Tan (coupled with a blue or grey suit) which is MUCH more race appropriate than looking like you've just come from the office.

Angelo's Regal Cap

Incredible shoes in Melbourne are always found in the most unlikely places, and sometimes on the most unlikely suspects..  On a windswept section of William Street last week after an afternoon's shooting we walked past Angelo looking clean and classic. We didn't take a whole lot of notice until we took one look at his shoes and nearly fell over.   These $1,500 Italian hand-made Kangaroo-skin toe caps are one of Angelo's collection of shoes curated over many years.  If the saying is true that you can tell a man's character by his shoes, Angelo is the King.