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Interview: Alex Cox

“We are seeing a real trend with athletes pushing style boundaries and that has changed the mindset of the common man in how they relate to fashion.”

-       Alex Cox

Alex Cox is something of a champion for the cause of men’s fashion in Melbourne. As client development manager for Events Melbourne, it was in part under his jurisdiction that 2013’s inaugural Mr event (as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week) was born. The idea was simple: to give men the chance to cluster around the fashion stage, so often an arena presumed to be the domain of women.

Alex: “We appreciate that a lot of people within the industry have a passion for design and for fashion, but the average city worker also wants a way to get in to that space and learn a little more and that’s what Mr was all about. It gave us the chance to educate in a more general way.”

It’s an interest Alex sees as growing, in large part as a result of the trend of NBA and NBL athletes taking to the style scene with the same panache as they once dominated the hip hop space. Think Russell Westbrook with his geek chic approach or Kevin Durant with his penchant for preppie sweaters and slim silhouettes.

Alex: “Maybe the common guy has always had an interest in fashion but has not known how to take the next step and that’s where these athletes have given them a nudge. The pursuit of style no longer feels like a feminine thing.”

Men’s style blogs, too, he believes, have helped to give men’s fashion a much stronger street presence.

Alex: “These are real people – not models on the run way – and it gives guys a lot of different touch points. It’s a space where they can take away elements of other people’s fashion and apply it to themselves.”

The scope for entertaining the male population’s growing fascination with fashion and the accompanying demand for education is, he says, what will ensure that the Spring Fashion Week Mr event will continue to remain a highly anticipated event for the men of Melbourne.

Story: Sarina Lewis

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: Mr Event

Barry Humphries in Grenson

ku130214StreetFashion2011 Sometimes the stars align - Your path crosses with a stylish gentleman, he's wearing a fine pair of Grenson Dylan's in Cobalt Suede, you ask to take his picture, he agrees & he just so happens to be Barry Humphries. One of Melbourne's most iconic (& sylish) figures, the former Dame Edna character actor was an absolute delight to shoot despite suffering from serious jetlag.

Craig Honey Grenson

We're having a bit of an Australian renaissance this week with all these quality guys relaxing on holidays in Melbourne.  The re emergence of this uniquely Australian summer look is a refreshing take on the New York-inspired workwear trends we saw during the winter.  We caught up with Craig in Flinders Lane wearing some beautiful hi-shine Grenson boots which could just as easily have come out of a shearing shed in the Victorian Mallee.

Leigh Grenson Glenn

Leigh's a bloke we see around from time to time, and a great example of how all the good things happening in design and product development lately reach our local men.  Leigh is a man passionate about the art and quality of craftsmanship, and through the community that is embracing and supporting tailors, bootmakers and craftsman that are focused on quality rather than quantity, normal (that is to say not fashion-fixated) blokes like Leigh are embracing the return of honest and authentic Australian style.

Oaks Day

Andy in shoes by Stone

Justin in Armani laceups

Matt in Grenson brogue

David Balenciaga boot

Alexander in Aquila

Tom in suede Loake

Daniel Comme des Garçons

Tommy vintage loafer

Brian Tan Aquila

Scott in Antoine & Stanley

Oaks day is ladies' day at Flemington - for most men the ultimate sartorial motivator. With the sun out, we noticed the most eye catching footwear on the guys who decided to break with traditional racewear & flaunt a bit of personality.


Beggar Man x Henry Bucks

It was an eclectic get together last night in Henry Bucks on Collins Street to celebrate the launch of their new collaboration with iconic Melbourne footwear retailer Beggar Man Thief.  Some of Melbourne's young designers, shoemakers, journalists and bloggers mixed it with some of the city's fashion establishment & there was no lack of energy and passion in the room for fine footwear!

Sam in Denim Warrior

James from Up There in Paul Smith

James Cecil in Grenson Kirk

Christian Kimber in Christian Kimber

Jason in Yuketen Chukka

Justin in Loake Buckingham

Matilda in Andrea Chenier

Tarang relaxed in Church's

Navin in Grenson Stanley Nubuck

Brendon in Yuketen's Country Ranger

Keiran preppy in Grenson Tom