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Street Style: Chris

Chris always looks like the best dressed man in the room (or in this case, the street). The perfect personification of everything Melbourne tailoring brand Oscar Hunt stands for - no nonsense classic dressing without the fussy frills. Chris was photographed in South Melbourne wearing Oscar Hunt trousers, shirt & double breasted jacket, finished off with a pair of tan derby brogues from Loake. 


Interview: Nicholas Jones

It’s very much for me that inspiration comes in many forms and as the result of different prompts along the way – literature or music or architecture. Certain things will peak my interest and then I might work away from that.

                                                  -  Nicholas Jones


Stepping in to the studio of artist Nicholas Jones in Melbourne’s historic Nicholas Building is a little like stepping back in time, and one gets the feeling that’s exactly the way he likes it. A ‘creative’ of stunning originality, Nicholas has made his name birthing beautiful sculptures fashioned from books: delicate, origami-like configurations; elaborate cut-outs; whimsical interpretations of page and word.


Nicholas: “I was doing a sculpture and fine arts degree at the VCA when, during the third year, I had a total artistic block. That’s when I started playing with books and that’s it really.”

That was 1997. All those years on and his studio is a treasure trove of old and second hand tomes. His latest exhibition focuses on the idea of imagined lands, the result of a fascination with maps and cartography fed by his viewing of one of the first Atlases ever published – a 16th century example of cartography he was lent access to by the State Library.


Nicholas: “There has always been an attraction to history and the evolution of information and how books are often rendered obsolete five or ten years after being published. Recently my interest has been focussed on the idea of an imagined land – Atlantis or Xanadu – those places where there is something unknown. I find that really enthralling.”

Fashion, too, has formed a part of his art by virtue of its importance to his sense of person, a trait he inherited from his always-elegant mother.


Nicholas: “Part of the work that I make is about collection and going to markets and finding certain things and that also happens with fashion, with finding something different. It ties in with that idea of presenting yourself, being a curator of style as well as a collector of objects.”

He expresses his love for the notion of a “uniform”, seen in his preference for boots and the moustache he has carried for 20 years. Not to mention his love of timeless fashions bought when the artistic wage was supplemented by a second career: a beautiful Lanvin shirt, a Balenciaga jumper, Pierre Hardy shoes.


Down and out is clearly not a style choice for this artist, clad as he is in a favoured pair of Crockett & Jones.

Nicholas: “My grandmother still wears high heels at 82.”

He smiles. Expect no less.


Nicholas Jones’ current exhibition, A Conspiracy of Cartographers, is on show at the State Library in the Dome Reading Room.


Christian Kimber Launch



Christian Kimber in loafers of his own design

ku130313StreetFashion5601 ku130313StreetFashion5603

Nathan in Loake Oxfords

ku130313StreetFashion5630 ku130313StreetFashion5634

Andrew in Crockett & Jones Monkstraps



Nathan in bespoke Monkstraps




Maleik in Christian Kimber loafers



Richard in Crockett & Jones



Dennis in Herring Monkstraps


Last night saw some of Melbourne's best dressed men gather at Henry Bucks on Collins Street to celebrate the launch of Melbourne based shoe designer Christian Kimber's debut footwear collection.

Bruce Loake Islington

We bumped into Bruce blazing a brand new slate blue suit by Tom Riley at P.Johnson tailors.   He told us after many years kicking around in trainers and denim he was finding himself keen to get back into some style and make a suit a weekday staple again.  He chose beautifully, P.Johnson never get it wrong, and his choice of classic single buckle Monk from Loake Bros puts him right back in the game.

Oaks Day

Andy in shoes by Stone

Justin in Armani laceups

Matt in Grenson brogue

David Balenciaga boot

Alexander in Aquila

Tom in suede Loake

Daniel Comme des Garçons

Tommy vintage loafer

Brian Tan Aquila

Scott in Antoine & Stanley

Oaks day is ladies' day at Flemington - for most men the ultimate sartorial motivator. With the sun out, we noticed the most eye catching footwear on the guys who decided to break with traditional racewear & flaunt a bit of personality.


Melbourne Cup

Designer Eduardo Xavier wearing Ciro Lendini

Koray wearing shoes from Jack London

Grant wearing Loake brogues

Thomas wearing vintage Blaq brogues

Joaquim wearing Eduardo Xavier

Kurt in Florsheim

Sid wearing shoes by Hugo Boss

Forget the stylist conceived outfits of Cup going celebrities - we're much more interested in what the real guys of Melbourne are wearing at Flemington. Basic black lace-ups seemed to be replaced this year by Brogues in Brown & Tan (coupled with a blue or grey suit) which is MUCH more race appropriate than looking like you've just come from the office.

The Wolf & I

Bar co-owner Jannick in

Dominic in Paul Smith

Kevin in Samsoe

Marc in Loake Monkstraps

Casper in Samsoe

While the flash of Spring Fashion Week was carrying on in the city behind them, a bunch of Melbourne's well connected locals got together to 'wet the head' of new pub The Wolf & I in Chapel Street, Windsor.   Shoemakers stopped in for a quick visit and spotted a few very likely Melbourne lads and some very decent footwear.  Things looked like they were warming up for a stellar evening

Chris Loake Chester

We saw a lot of mid to heavy weight shoes around this winter, the boys obviously working out the winter weights are warmer, more hard wearing and better proportions for the colder months.  Loake's Chester is one of the longest standing of all the English classics.  Designed and first built around the turn of the century, the Chester remains one of Loake's best selling products.  The mid weight of the sole unit, the storm welt and the classic Anglo American toe box make it a shoe that always looks great and stands up to just about anything.  Chris making it all work on a mild Melbourne morning.

Beggar Man x Henry Bucks

It was an eclectic get together last night in Henry Bucks on Collins Street to celebrate the launch of their new collaboration with iconic Melbourne footwear retailer Beggar Man Thief.  Some of Melbourne's young designers, shoemakers, journalists and bloggers mixed it with some of the city's fashion establishment & there was no lack of energy and passion in the room for fine footwear!

Sam in Denim Warrior

James from Up There in Paul Smith

James Cecil in Grenson Kirk

Christian Kimber in Christian Kimber

Jason in Yuketen Chukka

Justin in Loake Buckingham

Matilda in Andrea Chenier

Tarang relaxed in Church's

Navin in Grenson Stanley Nubuck

Brendon in Yuketen's Country Ranger

Keiran preppy in Grenson Tom