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Welcome to Makers Of Melbourne – the ‘go to’ guide for our technically integrated age.

Makers Of Melbourne has been created to consume and assimilate Melbourne culture. We're male focussed, but not male specific, sorting through the dross to weed out the creative stars, standout events and stylish folk that make this city unique. 

MOM aims to embrace all facets of what makes this city a creative hub. Our aim is to inform without condescending – to keep you abreast of what’s going on without regurgitating Press Releases & to seek out this city’s sub cultures to give our readers the inside scoop on what’s REALLY happening with the people who make Melbourne Melbourne.

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Street Style: Bosco

Bosco is an understated guy. Softly spoken and not overly flashy, he's a stylish individual with an eye for classic pieces that marry well and are built to last. We stopped Bosco in South Melbourne where he shyly agreed to let Makers of Melbourne take his picture. His ensemble comprised a pair of New Balance sneakers, classic Levis jeans, Beams Boy scarf & Breton style tee by APC.

Stewart in Dries Van Noten

Stewart was hard to miss in what has been a very quiet week in Melbourne (where are all you guys hiding?).   In town from Hong Kong on a lightning visit to see friends, Stewart was busy falling in love with our Melbourne way of life.  Just as we were falling for his style and his sensational Dries Van Noten printed canvas derby's.   Stewart's style advice? "Don't think about it, just go with what you love".

Tyson Losers Uneaker

We loved Tyson's whole act this week.  Caught having a sneaky day off in Melbourne with his fiancee, Tyson's relaxed style and attention to detail made for an eclectic mix.  We especially love the English country gent upper-half with the Shibuya bottom half.  Losers Uneaker 'Shark'

James Burnished Dior

We bumped into James yesterday as he was whipping around town running errands before heading overseas to attend the wedding of a friend.  A Sydney 'expat' now enjoying the Melbourne life, James is very much our type of man.   Full of character and energy, and always well put together.  His beautifully cut and understated three-piece, the full knit tie and of course a classic chestnut Dior derby to bring it all together on a wild and wet Melbourne morning.

Shane DSquared2

We see Shane around from time to time, generally understated but always sharp.   He obviously knows a thing or two about cuts, materials and quality.  Not too under the radar, not too over the top.  We like this emerging genre; Melbourne guys that were probably skaters or who are perhaps in creative and who still rock their stuff, but in a more subtle way.  The DSquared2 in full grain navy calf the cherry on a very nice little cake.