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Interview: Tim Cecil

“Melbourne certainly has a signature all of its own. In men’s fashion and, particularly, tailoring, there is a sense of classic heritage: a certain level of ‘Britishness’ and you can still see that influence today.” -       Tim Cecil


As Melbourne-based family companies go, they don’t come with a much more impressively stylish pedigree than that of Henry Bucks: established in 1890, one of the oldest and most revered menswear retailers our city has produced. In 2012, Tim Cecil was appointed as Managing Director, assuming control of one of the longest running privately owned fashion institutions in the world.

A keen observer of local style, a lover of inner-city culture and a man who wears a mean suit, Tim has certainly found a comfortable fit in a Melbourne that he lauds for its emerging style talent.


Tim: I have always lived in the inner city, on the northside. The live music scene and, to a lesser extent, the skate scene were having huge influences on Melbourne’s style culture as we were coming through: wonderful, strong subcultures.  And while I feel Melbourne has always battled a ‘slob’ element to some degree, we now have so many vibrant designers and style cues (and there is so much more information) that more people, I think, rather than less, are making an effort to be unique. It gets better, too, the more naturally it happens.

This natural element is one Tim advocates as being an important ingredient in creating a workable (and admirable) personal style. He is not one for fads – perhaps not surprising given his pedigree. Instead it’s about the classics, about being comfortable, and letting a bit of personal flair shine through.


Tim: I think men get the best results just working trims and accessories around high quality classics – the blue blazer, a beautiful navy suit, a collection of some white and light blue shirts, a couple of great pairs of jeans or chinos.  Add scarves and colour hits.

And of course, he adds with a wry grin, the best quality shoes you can afford.

The key, he says, is to keep the quality high, the style understated and wear it. Because it’s no good if great product only lives in your wardrobe.

-Sarina Lewis